Just Say Yes

Mary 3So, today’s the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. If you’re not Catholic, and I’m betting most of you aren’t, I’m not going to burden you with the theology of that. Just know that it’s a day where I’m thinking a lot about Mary, and even if you’re not Catholic or specifically Christian, you must know the one I mean. (She’s generally the lady in blue in a nativity scene, if there are any left these days.)

Last Sunday, our ever-thought-provoking Deacon said that the one thing that makes Mary Mary is that she said yes. (To God).

Mary 3This struck me for a number of reasons, not the least that I’m in the editing stage of a novel I began a few years ago titled “The Girl Who Said No To God.”

Saying ‘yes’ for Mary meant that she became instrumental in God’s plan of salvation. Saying ‘yes’ for us means–what? What is it that each one of us is called to do in that grand scheme of bringing about God’s kingdom? Or–if such talk makes you squirm, what is it that you’re called to do that’s going to help heal our broken world?

Because Catholic or not, “saying yes”to that seems to me to be an essential, maybe THE essential? element in becoming who it is we are called, or are meant, to be.

Because, Catholic or not, I’m pretty sure we’re not here on earth just to eat, shop, and pay taxes.

Mary 2



3 thoughts on “Just Say Yes

  1. Liz

    Before I left work tonight I looked at the Agency weekly newsletter; watched an imbedded video. I lack the skill to include the link in my comment, but go to “unbroken Angels” on YouTube. Pretty depressing stuff, so watch with caution. Anyway, the details of the work James and I do can be very frustrating, I never see us as heros, but I know we sometimes make a difference.

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  2. Allen Pahmeyer

    Your illustrations show another way of saying “Yes” to the Holy and Undivided Trinity: namely by creating marvelous works of art that illustrate one of the divine transcendentals–Beauty (it’s harder to illustrate Goodness and Truth). Thanks for sharing beauty as well as thoughts.

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