My Heart Bleeds Bright Orange

I wish I followed football. I really do. Then  New Year’s Day would have some sparkle to it. As it is, I’m riding on the energy of my Vols-fanatic family to ease the slow drain of joy as the holidays ebb away.


Hurrah for Epiphany next week, which at least means I can keep the tree up and the candles lit a little while longer.

But the cookie platter is down to one last piece of pound cake and a few crumbles of gingerbread.

And no reason to bake more since the house is emptying out, the kids preparing to go back to their lives.


So thank goodness for those solid banks of bright orange t-shirts as Vols fans cheer on their team in the Outback football

Never my favorite color, especially after growing up in Knoxville where it’s as prevalent as pink dogwood, today it brings a needed glow to this final day of the holidays when the temperature and my mood hover somewhere in the grey mid-30s.UTAs does the sight of the entire winning team swaying to the Pride of the Southland Band as it belts out the Tennessee Waltz.

45-6: I’d dance, too.

Perhaps that would warm life up?

What do you do to make this transition easier?



1 thought on “My Heart Bleeds Bright Orange

  1. Liz

    As Steely Dan says (somewhat awkwardly) “they got a name for the winners in the world…they call Alabama the Crimson Tide”.

    If the “transistion” is the time from season to post season, it’s made easier if Crimson houndstooth is in your wardrobe.

    Roll Tide.



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